Training Smart and Cultured Generation 

The Kingsman Academic, has set itself the mission of educating all classes, genders and ethnicities on 4IR, Artificial Intelligence, Software development and many other tech related topics.

The Kingsman Academic was founded by Professor Abejide Ade IBIJOLA in 2017 with the thought of eradicating unemployment in South Africa. It consists of outstanding students, in both character and academic performance, from past DEV1A classes. The Kingsman Academic continues to grow every year with members engaging in various projects that are helpful to our society and gets trained in different skills related to 4IR.


PLAGI-warfare GAME

A group of second and third year Kingsman Academics took part in developing and testing a Plagi-Warfare video game for UJ Library.


Kamogelo Seisa, a second year Kingsman Academic with the assistance of Prof Abejide Ade-IBIJOLA develops an Accounting App that uses NLP Techniques and several algorithms to estimate discloses in business documents.

Loss Aversion GAME

A group of second and third years Kingsman Academics signed a new contract for developing a game in Finance on 1 August 2021.

SATLAB web app

A group of Kingsman Academics signed a new contract to create the SATLAB web app. Kaiqiao PANG broke the record in the Kingsman Academic by being the first first year to make it to a paid project, weeks in his second semester.

Dev Game

KEAGAN YOUNG with the assistance of Prof Abejide Ade-IBIJOLA develops #DevGame for students to attend their lectures in a 3D environment that simulates a face-to-face classroom.

Hall of Fame



This is a Documentary where we feature students who had encountered failure and rose from it. Get Inspired..


We feature different topics on our Live TV with different Guest speakers from our very own bred Kingsman Alumni.


The Kingsman Academic Alumni come back to train our Kingsman undergraduates on different Tech concepts.

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